Day 9 – A trip to John Ryland Library ðŸ‘£

Hello again!

Today’s Manchester seems really playful. Drizzling in the morning, bright sun in the noon, downpour in the afternoon, and now gloomy in the evening. ☁

During the afternoon, we went to John Ryland Library to have a meeting with the staffs for the upcoming Delia Night: Final Night.

We are welcomed with a bright sun and crowds outside playing ‘ball throwing’.


There were also zebras around the area saying hello to the crowd. (The brown building behind is the John Ryland Library)


The sun was bright when we went into the library and waited at the little shop just in front of the reception desk. (The shop will be open as well during the event day)

A pretty postcard featuring John Ryland Library
Found this little gem in front of the library reception (featuring Delia :)) 

We toured around the library after the meeting to grasp the feel of how the event will go around the library.

Remember to spot for the dragons around the library
Movable Dragon and Ryland in front of the gallery
Grumbold (Mascot of John Ryland Library) saying HELLO to us!

Grumbold is the John Ryland Library’s mascot, if you are interested to know more about him, feel free to follow him on twitter 🙂

Grumbold the dragon

At last, we ended our tour in a downpour. However, the zebras are still happily waving goodbye to us in the rain. (The building behind the zebras is Giorgio Armani, which will be the best landmark to look for if you are walking from our campus)


See you soon.



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