Day 14 – Café Crawl ☕☕☕

A cold windy day without the sun is a perfect day for a cup of warm coffee…

Speaking of coffee, have you ever wonder where are the good cafés in Manchester?

Well well well…please be our guest, sit down and relax while we present to you our welcome week event – CAFÉ CRAWL.

Café Crawl is our welcome week event cater for all students in University of Manchester. This year, we will be having this event on the 21st of September, Thursday 11 am to 1 pm. You can grab yourself a ticket before the event from the Students’ Union AskMe desk, however, places are limited, so please do get the tickets as soon as possible.

On the event day, we will be bringing you to the café via coaches. The bus stop where you can catch the bus will be present at the back of your event ticket. The bus will then send you to the café to enjoy your coffee.

The list and map of the cafés that will be participating this year are as followed:

Cafe.Crawl.Map 2017 v2_Page_2

Cafe.Crawl.Map 2017 v2_Page_1

If you like cats and coffee at the same time, you will also get the chance to visit our Manchester Cat Café! Just tick the box beside the sign-up sheet when you grab your ticket and you will be rolling with our lovely cats while drowning in the nice smell of coffee~

That sounds like a plan! 🐱🐱🐱

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Oh Man…I can’t wait to go cuddle the cats now! See you in the next post~ *meow*




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